The HY Citroen Brew Bar

Nothing would give me more pleasure than presenting a romantic account of how we stumbled upon our beloved HY Citroen lying in a beautiful old stone barn amongst vines in France and in perfect order. But this would be stretching the truth somewhat to say the least!

Unfortunately the idea of heading off to France in search of ‘old barns’ was quickly knocked on the head. But thanks to the Internet we came across an HY in a fairly pitiful state here in the West Country. Check the pics out below:

Once striking a deal with the owner it was time to get the old girl (1963) shipshape Bristol fashion in order to showcase our coffee. After some time and more money we eventually had a van with an MOT ticket. I’ll spare you the finer details on her problems, as this is a quick account and not a lengthy mechanical guide!

It was now down to the exciting part of designing the interior and fitting out the inside. With Tahi’s flare for design and creativity this came easily. Within good time we had ourselves the most beautiful looking wagon armed with a shiny La Marzocco linea and not shy on other equipment to present our coffee in the only way we know how.

It was then time to find her a home. Not an easy task! We knew we wanted to go down the road of finding a semi-permanent pitch in Bristol but actually creating that home for her provided plenty of loops to jump through. But, again with time we were granted permission to trade at the top of Whiteladies Road. So Whiteladies Road is where she rests up for now.

It’s been a long journey for us to have our brew bar wagon trading here in Bristol and the best part about it, is all the customers lovely, warm welcoming comments on the coffee itself and the fact they keep returning for more. Thanks guys.

Cold Brew

The Cold Brew season is upon us, and we gearing up and ready to roll. Stubbies tick, labels tick, greens tick.

Experimenting with a few S.O's but also working on a cold brew blend.  Now we just need those hot summer days to roll on in.