A road trip to the Probat factory in Emmerich

A little trip to the factory of Probat to check up on our machines. A most rewarding and interesting experience where we were whole-heartedly looked after.

A couple of snaps.

The Probat museum. Beautiful vintage machinery!

Los Fincas de Guatemala

In 2010/11 we decided to head off into the wilderness of Guatemala for 6 months, to explore its coffee regions, and with a bit of luck learn some español, which felt only right if one was going to pursue a future roasting coffee and exploring coffee growing regions.

We saw, and experienced some amazing places, and tasted some exceptional coffee.  Enough to get us excited about the road ahead. Unfortunately we can't say the same about our linguistic endeavours, which remain at best - a little rusty.




There were times, when one wished they'd packed their aeropress!


And other times when the licuardo selection proved too irresistible...