The Aeropress is a great companion due to its simple user friendly brew method and the ability to clean it with fuss free efficiency. It provides full immersion, an even extraction and good filtration, which results in a robust, full bodied cup of coffee.

This is a guide only and can be altered to your taste preferences.

Brew Ratio
Method  - The 'Inverted Method'

Insert the plunger piece into the brew chamber. Turn up side down (the inverted method) so the numbers read from top to bottom; 1234 1234. The black rubber part of the plunger should be below the number 4 of the brew chamber.


Insert a filter paper into the basket and rinse with hot water. Prepare your mug with boiling water in order to heat. We've placed the filter basket in the mug (with a little improvisation!) to combine the two.


Grind 13 grams of fresh coffee (a fine grind) and drop into the brew chamber. The grinds will now be sitting on top of the black rubber part of the plunger.


Start stopwatch and immediately pour hot water, just off the boil (95°C) into the chamber, fill to the top. Allow to bloom for a few seconds before stirring. Then stir the water and leave to steep for a further 1:30 minutes.


Screw the filter paper and perforated basket onto the top chamber. Empty your pre-heated cup and place on top on the basket.


Now invert the Aeropress and cup by carefully rotating 180° so the cup is sitting on the worktop surface the correct way up, and the Aeropress sits above it. Push the plunger down steadily, allowing 20 seconds to reach the bottom. When you hear the hissing sound of air, this is an indication to stop.... Serve and enjoy!