Café-Tiere, also know as a French press, press pot, or plunger, this is one of the most widely used brew methods of home users. Its simple brew technique, quick clean, and aesthetics have made it a winner the world over. But as with other brew methods the secret to a good cup is in the often forgotten detail.

Brew Ratio

Pre-heat plunger and cups with hot water.


Establish the volume of the cafétiere to add the correct amount of coffee. We use the above ratio as a general rule, but please alter quantities to taste preferences.


Grind your coffee medium-coarse and place into your preheated plunger. Once you kettle has boiled and you've allowed it to sit for 3-5 mins to reach a temperature just off the boil (95°C), start your stop watch and pour in an even fashion over the grounds. Allow to bloom for 1 minute and then give a good stir. On 4 minutes it’s time to plunge down in a steady movement. There should be very little resistance. Serve immediately into preheated cups and enjoy!