The Chemex is an beautifully designed hourglass shaped vessel, made with heat resistant glass. It was designed by Peter Schlumbhm, a German chemist, whose intention was to create the perfect brewing device. And indeed on many levels he has succeeded. To match the refined, elegant aesthetic, the Chemex provides a wonderfully clean, sweet cup, and is very simple to use.

Brew Ratio
Brew Time

Position the filter in the Chemex, ensuring the folds are on the same side as spout.


Bring water to the boil, and rinse filter paper. This will adhere the filter to the Chemex and remove any unpleasant paper taste. It also preheats the Chemex. This is a good time to preheat your mugs. Once water has drained through, pour out the water from the Chemex keeping filter in place.


Grind coffee medium to coarse, similar to cafetiere grind. We use a brew ratio of 6% coffee to water as a guide, but please adjust to your personal preference. In this example we're using 48g coffee to 800ml (28oz) water. Add the coffee to the Chemex.


Pre-wet the coffee using water just off the boil (approx. 95˚C), the secret with the initial pour is all about wetting the grounds in an even fashion but being economical with the water. Allow to rest for 30-45 seconds. This is the bloom phase and will allow the gases within the coffee to escape.


After 30-45 seconds, gradually pour the remaining water over the grounds keeping a slow, circular pour. Keep your eye on the weight as to know when 800 ml of water has been reached. Alternatively you may have measured out the required water at the beginning. The process should take approximately 4 minutes. Adjust your grind courser if the brew time is taking too long and finer if it's too quick.


Once all coffee has filtered through, the brew is complete. Remove filter and pour.