Consultancy & Training

Start Ups

If you are contemplating the opening of a new coffee house, considering upgrading equipment or just in need of a genuine chin wag then please do get in touch. We're able to advise on the layout and design of your new venture right the way through to setting you up with coffee, machinery and everything in between. The coffee department of a new business is not to be taken lightly and needs careful consideration for it to run smoothly, efficiently and in a profitable manner.

Our cafe Tradewind Espresso in Bristol



One of the key ingredients to running a successful café is having knowledgeable and competent staff. Your Baristas and front of house staff are essentially the face of your company, the ones who customers will go to with their expectations and questions. Therefore training should be an integral component to the ongoing success of your operation.

The training we provide at Roasted Rituals is tailored towards the needs of café operators, although not limited to. We have introductory workshops and training sessions, which gear baristas with a grounding knowledge of espresso, and the essentials of machine maintenance, and workflow management.

We also provide more focused workshops for accomplished baristas who seek knowledge in different brew methods, roasting methods and green processing.

Training is an ongoing process. And sharing knowledge is at its foundation, that's why we ensure our wholesale customers receive frequent site visits and ongoing training support.

We also invite all customers to visit us at our roastery, where we have a brew lab set up and cupping sessions are daily.