The Moka pot or Stovetop espresso maker is a simple way of creating strong, full bodied coffee through a process of pressurised water rising up through a bed of ground coffee. The process is similar to that of espresso, however despite its name, it doesn't technically make espresso. The Moka, though widely used throughout Europe is probably still under appreciated here in the UK. We strongly suggest you get to know your Moka pot, because for the home user its a brilliant economical alternative to an espresso machine, user friendly, and provides a great punchy shot of coffee for those of you who like a european style wake-up call in the morning.

    • Moka pot
    • Kettle
    • Grinder
    • Heat source - Aga, stove plate, campfire

    Fill the lower chamber with water just off the boil, up to the level of the safety valve. Preheating your water is important as it will do two things: speed the process, and it will also reduce the level of bitterness in the cup as your coffee grounds will be submitted to a lesser period of high temperature, thus not burning the coffee, or developing a metallic taste. Serve and enjoy!


    Insert the basket into the lower chamber and grind the correct amount of coffee to fill your Moka basket. You want the grind to be even and level with the rim. Swipe your finger across to level, and clean the rim of any loose grounds. This will protect the rubber seal over the long term. The grind should be a touch courser than that of espresso. Now screw on the top chamber, though be careful not to over tighten.


    Place the Moka on a medium heat source with the lid raised so you can watch the extraction. Before long you will see a steady stream of coffee filling the top chamber. It will start off dark and slowly change to a paler consistency which gurgles forth. At this stage, before it starts to splutter, take the Moka off the heat and place on a damp cloth. This will help to cool the pot and prevent over extraction.