This is not only a theatrical method in front of your friends, but also a way of producing a great tasting cup of coffee. With the combination of full immersion brewing and a filter you are presented with a full bodied, crisp, clean cup of coffee. A winner in our books!

Brew Ratio

Boil the kettle and rinse the siphon filter, to remove any nastiness. Now place filter into the top chamber.


Add 230g of boiling water to the lower globe (water mark 2). Light/switch on your heat source and set to medium. Rest the spout of the top chamber in the bottom globe chamber but don’t yet, seal in place.


Once the water has come to the boil, seal the two chambers, and wait for the water to be drawn up into the top chamber. 


Once all the water is in the top chamber, give a good stir ensuring all the coffee is wet, then lower the heat to avoid boiling. Don't turn the heat off just yet. 

After 2.30 minutes, give another stir and remove the heat source. The lower chamber will steadily cool, drawing the coffee down through the filter into the lower chamber. It's then ready for drinking. Enjoy!