Storage Tips

We Roast To Order

As with any natural product, roasted coffee is affected by ambient conditions. Its flavour deteriorates with exposure to air, heat, light and moisture. That's why at Roasted Rituals we ensure we get coffee to you as fresh as possible. This means we roast to order, in small batches, and package in air tight, foil lined bags. It's the only way we can be sure you are enjoying coffee at its very best.

However, it doesn't end there. To experience coffee at its peak there are things you can do at home to ensure you get the most out of your brew.


Grind In Batches

Ultimately the best way to experience coffee at its full potential is to buy whole beans and grind a little off each time you brew a cup of coffee. Fortunately it is possible to find handheld or electric burr grinders suitable for home use. Perhaps consider a handheld Porlex or Hario coffee mill. These are not only reasonably priced, but also very portable. In our opinion, it's well worth the small investment.

You can purchase domestic grinders through our website in the ‘brew accessories’ section. Alternatively, we can grind coffee to suit your needs on request when ordering on-line. 



Suitable storage for your coffee beans (or ground coffee) is paramount to its longevity. Containers should be airtight and opaque, and no larger than the bag itself. If your coffee bag comes with a tie strap or resealable fixture, use that too! The best place to keep your coffee is a cool, dry, dark spot. Contrary to popular belief, keeping coffee in the fridge or freezer is not ideal as dramatic changes in temperature or moisture levels create an unstable environment for your coffee.