V60 Pour Over

This is a very popular method amongst coffee enthusiasts. One of our favourites! With the correct pouring method it can produce a beautifully refined cup of coffee, with a clean finish.

The following is based on brewing a single cup.

Brew Ratio

Place a filter paper into the V60 dripper, remembering to fold the edge at its join, then place a vessel large enough to hold 200g of liquid coffee underneath.


Bring water to the boil, and rinse filter paper.  This will adhere the filter to the V60 and remove any unpleasant paper taste. It also preheats the vessel below. This is a good time to preheat your mugs.


Remove water from the vessel before positioning on scales, along with the V60.

Now grind your coffee to a medium coarseness. The level of grind can be checked soon to confirm the grind setting is correct. Now place 13g into the dripper and distribute in a flat even pattern. Tare the scales to zero.


Using water just off the boil (approx. 95°C), pour 50g of water in a slow, circular fashion and wait 30 seconds. This is called the bloom phase, and allows gases within the coffee to escape.

Gradually pour a further 150g of water in a slow, circular movement. All water should have entered the pouring vessel within 1min 30 secs, you can adjust this to your own preference.

This extraction time will give you a good idea whether you have set your grind to an appropriate level of coarseness.


Pour into your pre-heated cups and serve.